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Lisa Lau Sharing | Deep Repaired SOS Mask for Lovely Girls

Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-First Aid Mask-Liu Sixi-Lisa Lau

Lisa Lau, one of the highly educated female artists in Hong Kong is also an expert of analyzing the chemical ingredients in skincare products. Thus, she knows that Pinus Pinaster Extract (Pycnogenol) is a popular ingredient of skincare products because of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.


Laplanete EC025 SOS Mask contains Pycnogenol which helps enhance the moisturizing effect and maintain high level of skin elasticity. Immediately after applying SOS Mask, you can find your skin brightened and moisturized, especially for dry skin type. Therefore, our SOS Mask is the best skin supplement for those lovely girls.

Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-First Aid Mask-Liu Sixi-Lisa Lau
Laplanete-First Aid Mask-Deep Moisturizing-Liu Sixi-Lisa Lau
Laplanete-First Aid Mask-Moisturizing-Liu Sixi-Lisa Lau
Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-First Aid Mask-Sensitive Skin-Liu Sixi-Lisa Lau
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