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Regen Cheung Sharing | Ultimate Skincare Product 

Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-Regen-Cheung-Zhang Huiya
Laplanete-First Aid Mask-Regen-Cheung-Zhang Huiya

What skincare products do Singer Regen recommend? Let's check out Laplanete EC025 SOS Mask and AO Sun Protection Cream!


Regen shared her daily skincare routine to us! Apply a 5-minute SOS Mask and massage the face with water-infusing cream, you will see a WOW effect at her video. Then, Regen applied AO Sun Protection Cream as the primer before make-up. If you are wondering how the full make-up effect is by using our Sunscreen, remember to check out her video sharing!

Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendations-Regen-Cheung-Zhang Huiya-Hiking
Laplanete-First Aid Mask-Regen-Cheung-Zhang Huiya-Instagram
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