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Chio Yan Sharing | Taking Care of Your Skin Like an Aristocratic Lady

Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-First Aid Mask-KOL-Chio-Yan
Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-First Aid Mask-KOL-Chio-Yan-IGstory

During the transition period of autumn-winter, the skin condition becomes unstable. Thus, we have to save our skin by using SOS Mask to infuse moisturizer into skin deeply. Our EC025 SOS Mask is only 0.3mm thick and can even apply to the eyelid. The smell of German chamomile is gentle and help calm you down. Also, it is indispensable for you to apply sun protection cream every day. When you go out, you can bring the AO Sun Protection Cream, which is small and convenient for daily use. Using our Laplanete medical skincare products to enjoy the life, you are the aristocratic lady!

Laplanete-Sunscreen Recommendation-First Aid Mask-KOL-Chio-Yan-Instagram
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