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Anka Sharing | Fall in Love with EC025 SOS Mask

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"Laplanete Antioxidant Brightening Bubble Mask"

I usually don’t have time to apply a facial mask, but I want to effectively moisturize and whiten it. This time I tried the Laplanete Antioxidant Whitening Bubble Mask made in Hong Kong. I think it is a good product for cleansing the skin after removing makeup before going to bed. It does not contain Paraben preservatives and fragrances, so it can be used even on sensitive skin~

Laplanete Antioxidant Brightening Bubble Mask, apply it and massage for 10 seconds, and you will see dense foam🫧 to help clean the skin pores😍 During the process, the dense foam will produce a popping feeling, which can not only deeply dissolve oil and Just wash off the makeup residue with water after 5 minutes. After applying it, your face will feel much brighter, and it will become tender and hydrated💦Clean and shiny!

pleaseClick hereCheck out the details of the Antioxidant Brightening Bubble Mask shared by the author.

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