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KellyJackie Sharing | First Aid for Season Shifts

Laplanete-First Aid Mask-Kelly-Jackie-Chen Xiaoqi

Jackie Chan Hiu-ki, a.k.a. Kellyjackie - the original songwriter of the song 'He invites me to Disneyland' (他約我去迪士尼) and the artist who rides the first wave of mainstream online pop singer, loves claiming herself to be a tough girl. She prefers a simple skin care routine. When it comes to season shifts, she has to deal with skin issues like dryness, sensitive skin and shredding. Thanks to the Laplanete EC025 SOS Mask, she found her first-aid to those issues. 

Our Laplanete EC025 SOS Mask contains 4 slices of hydrating masks and 4 packs of moisturizing cream. With its 2-step routine, even a tough girl who afraid of lengthy skin care routine can be easily done. Natural ingredients made the mask suitable for all skin types, even the sensitive one. There are no fears for season shifts any more. Laplanete EC025 SOS Mask will keep your skin hydrated at all time. 

Laplanete-First Aid Mask-Moisturizing-Kelly-Jackie-Chen Xiaoqi
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